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We often hear sympathizers of the Roosevelt Skerrit corrupt organization refer to the opposition leader and anyone who dare criticize the government’s corrupt foreign engagements as people destroying the image of Dominica. Has any of the Skerrit sympathizers ever google the address 8 Copthall Roseau Valley Commonwealth Of Dominica?  

A multitude of business entities associated or registered to 8 Copthall are tagged on line as questionable operations many of which are alleged unregulated offshore brokers be it Forex, Binary Options or Cryptocurrency brokers. An unregulated broker is clearly not authorized to operate in any country yet many of these 8 Copthall registered brokers are allegedly out there scamming people all over the world and our beloved country Dominica is taking a biting for that. We have come across Brokerage companies such as Options Tech Limited, Cryptex Market, UnitedMarkets4You, Gamma Investment Corporation , Bux.To; CryptoForex Brokers  Coinbull and  Coins247 - just to name a few. These companies have been labelled by reputable reporting agencies such as Scam Hunters and Rippoff Report as scams brokers. Many more companies registered at 8 Copthall are tagged as suspected scam brokers.
We have also found a number of offshore Universities that are supposedly operating in Dominica and registered to 8 Copthall Roseau Valley Commonwealth Of Dominica. One university for example specializing in Neanderthal Studies.
From since 2016  8 Copthall Roseau Valley Commonwealth had been highlighted in several MiTC blogs. The deceased Russian business woman name Ena Lerner had been the owner and operator of the property at 8 Copthall Roseau Valley Commonwealth. She operated a passport selling operation called Caribbean Citizenship Program (CCP) and was the owner of the fusion restaurant in Roseau. We also reported that the former minister of government and garbage Bin Bobol facilitator Collin McIntyre was a close associate of the deceased Ena Lerner. Following the Hurricane Maria , Collin McIntyre in a video recorded interview  boasted that he took it upon himself to declare Ena Lerner dead and then he buried her himself. He did all this without an autopsy or police report.
Collin McIntyre also took the responsibility to exhume Ena’s remains and we can confirm that she now rest close to parcel of land that Collin McIntyre has allegedly sold to a joint venture arrangement (Vital Development Ltd )involving Collin McIntyre himself and Eana’s estrange husband Alexander V Berenstain. Vital Development Limited is now the developer of the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa in the Valley area.
CBI Certificate
According to our information while being minister of government Collin McIntyre and his partner Alexander V Bernstain allegedly received 500 passports for the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa development. We also understand that lands at the welcome area of the Midland Falls area were also acquired for the development. It is also alleged that Collin McIntyre is now the owner of the fusion restaurant in Roseau which was owned by the decease Ena Lerner. 
The ground breaking ceremony for the Eco Resort was held on November 1st of 2019-just in time to impress voters in the December 2019 general elections. According to Vital Developers Limited Alexander V Berenstain the project would be completed in 36 months and would have created hundreds of construction jobs however on our recent visit to the construction site we notice that no significant site development has taken place. The above photo shows that since November 2019 just some preliminary work has taken place, primarily site clearance and grubbing. As it stands the project seem to be way behind schedule. 
The agreement between Vital Development Limited and the government of Dominica was sealed in February of 2019 and so we can assume that VDL has been rolling out passports/CBI business and generating the revenues required for the project development. The government and VDL owe it to us the citizens of Dominica an explanation for the lethargical construction at the Eco Resort site.
We also understand Alexander V Berenstain to be a very busy businessman and could it be that he has way too much on his plate at this point. We were able to identify at least 10 companies associated with the name Alexander V Berenstain. The companies noted are all registered to 8 Copthall Roseau Valley.

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The people of Dominica are already highly suspicious of our passport revenues being used to build hotels after hotels in an economy where the existing hotels have been severely under occupied for many years. As a matter of fact the recently built Kempinski Hotel had been shut down due to low performance. The Morocco Hotel cannot be completed after 12 years of construction.

The construction of the Anichi Hotel also funded by passport revenues has been very sluggish and so we have every reason to be very cynical about the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa development. With almost a year gone and no significant site development it may not be too late to change course and to redirect the Eco Resort capital into Dominica’s productive sector (Agriculture and manufacturing) so that the masses can truly benefit. Thus far the use of CBI revenues in hotel development has proven to be a “Bom Siwo" (A Joyride) for the corrupt politicians and their passport selling agents and the people of Dominica are left with either a White Elephant or an unfinished and abandoned facility somewhere in the forest. Deja Vu

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