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We can all agree that Anthony Haiden of Montreal Management has every reason to be very uncomfortable whenever he comes to Dominica. Anthony Haiden together with the dirty Prime Minister of Dominica is responsible for the highest level of unfettered organize crime in Dominica. Some even believe that the Anthony Haiden and Roosevelt Skerrit crime syndicate is the largest criminal operation the Caribbean has ever seen. Both men for example are unable to provide a transparent account of Billions of dollars from the sale of Dominica’s passport.

We can also go on to provide countless acts of documented  corruption and criminal activities  conducted by Roosevelt Skerrit  and Anthony Haiden but we want to focus on another recent scam that was pulled off involving Roosevelt Skerrit, His Wife Melissa Porponne , a permanent secretary named Mandra Fagan and Dubai passport seller and scum bag Anthony Haiden.

We expect the attack dogs like Tony Astaphans , Clarence Christian , Parry Bellot et al to present their shameless defense but there is documentation to prove what we are about to declare. Attack Dogs be aware !!!!!



It is no secret that Melissa drives around in a Jeep Wrangler, the one shown in the picture above and Mandra Fagan, a Mitsubishi Outlander. It has been rumored that Melissa’s Jeep Wrangler had been declared as a mysterious gift and that’s all that the public knows for now. Here is what Skerrit, Melissa and Anthony Haiden would not like the public to know about the Jeep Wrangler. The retail price of the Jeep Wrangler is well over 60,000 pound sterling or EC $270,000.00. Upon arrival in Dominica the vehicle was declared as a gift and that it was paid for and shipped by a company in Britain called West  End Chauffeur. We tried finding information on the company Western Chauffeur and found out that they provide chauffeuring services around the UK. Why would a chauffeuring service company provide Skerrit and Melissa with a 60,000 pound sterling  Jeep Wrangler?   

But there is more regarding the Jeep  Wrangler, Skerrit and Melissa significantly devalued the Jeep Wrangler and they lied about the year of the vehicle so that they paid just about thirty thousand (EC$30,000.00) in import duties. According to our sources based on the actual model and year of the vehicle the import duty would have been close to EC $150,000. Not only are they violating regulations regarding the receiving of gifts they have once again robbed the treasury of tax revenues.  

We suspect that Anthony Haiden may be the mastermind behind this Jeep Wrangler and this is so because we have seen this type of corrupt gifting operation between Melissa, Roosevelt Skerrit and Anthony Haiden on several other occasions  

We also have the data relating to Mandra Fagan’s  Mitsubishi Outlander which was also declared as a gift and the documents show that that gift , the Mitsubishi Outlander was paid for and shipped by a company in Dubai named Binary Space LLC. Binary Space LLC is shown as some kind of Real Estate/ marketing  operation in Dubai. The truth is Binary Space is packing so many product and services that we are still scratching our heads trying to figure out the company. The company address is stated as Bur Dubai, Dubai , UAE.  

We do know and have exposed the fact that Anthony Haiden has on several occasions provided very expensive gifts to Mandra Fagan on behalf of Roosevelt Skerrit. We are talking about expensive jewelry , clothing etc. Moreover Mandra Fagan is a permanent secretary in the government system and she is receiving gifts from passport sellers and mysterious companies in Dubai - What is the Financial Intelligence Unit going to do about this?

How can Anthony Haiden be so comfortable looking Melissa in the eye when at the same time he provides gifts to her nemesis or as we say in colloquial parlance - Melissa’s “Korebosses.” 

“Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction.” In the face of blatant early warning signs of a greedy and dangerous Roosevelt Skerrit, enablers and self-serving grifters were shouting “give the young man a chance” but for those who read Socrates will understand that the person who is not happy with what he or she has, would not be contented with what he or she would like to have.

To the good people, the Christians and godly, you are morally obligated to be against greed, exploitation and predatory politics. Greed and self-enrichment among politicians and their cronies is tantamount to the degradation of the human spirit and the refusal to add meaning and value to other people’s lives. 

The Skerrit apologists will spin and twist the truth just to keep you subdued while they reinforce their grifting operations. Just remember Greed has a great appetite, but no heart. 

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