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                                              Alick Lawrence

In Dominica the name Anthony Haiden/MMCE is synonymous with money laundering ,#AnthonyHaiden #CBIcorruption, untendered capital project contracts, a controversial $27 Million mansion in Morne Daniel, unconstitutional Offshore Treasury with an unaccounted sum of over $2 billion of Dominica’s CBI revenue. With this many layers of financial chicaneries, most Dominicans are oblivious of the fact that commercial banks in Dominica is not willing to handle wire transfers from Anthony Haiden/MMCE - Not even a meager $3000.00 wire transfer. Any money coming from MMCE in Dubai is flagged as a suspicious activities.

Now that the Prime Minister of Dominica has unilaterally provided Anthony Haiden with a no-bid contract to finance and construct an international airport, the simple question that every Dominican should ask is – how does Anthony Haiden move CBI moneys into Dominica for his construction contracts and what arrangements are in place for him to now finance and construct Dominica’s international airport?  

What have been working for the money laundering duo of  Skerrit and Anthony Haiden, is the use of foreign contractors with the ability to facilitate back alley type movement of the CBI funds.  There is no other reason why #Anthony Haiden, a shady Lebanese passport seller is the be all and end all of no-bid CBI funded capital projects in Dominica. May we also add that Anthony Haiden was the financier and developer of the prime minister’s $27 million Morne Daniel mansion and the financier of Melissa Skerrit’s phony charities in Dominica.

It is important that those of us who are weary of the blatant corruption between Roosevelt Skerrit and  Haiden  must begin to direct much more  attention to the suspicious foreign companies receiving no-bid contracts from Anthony Haiden. Our collective efforts must include reporting suspicious activities and dubious financial arrangements to international financial crime monitoring agencies. We also need to dig deeper into  whether some of these foreign construction companies are backed by racketeers and  crime syndicates in India or China; We need to explore whether any of these companies are registered in the Cayman Islands and whether any one of them use shell companies.  We must also flag those funky like arrangements in place to pay salaries of foreign worker in Dominica. Why some foreign workers salaries must go through several banking routes and some foreign workers sometimes have to call banks in other islands to track their salaries?

Cash Is King

While the money laundering operation between PM Skerrit and Anthony Haiden’s MMCE is the elephant in the room, the de-risking and Anti money Laundering (AML) strategies by the commercial banks has also restricted the legitimate flow of funds for other CBI funded projects in Dominica. Some CBI project developers allegedly have had to resort to moving dry cash from CBI hot spots to finance project construction.

We received credible information  from a source with inside knowledge of the Anichi Hotel development scheme. The information we received provided us with details of passengers and alleged payload for a mysterious airplane that landed in Dominica at the zenith of the Covid 19 shut down.

By the last week of March 2020 more than half of the world’s population had already been in lockdown mode due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Dominica no less, had to follow suit and implement World Health Organization safety protocol by shutting down the borders. By March 26 PM Skerrit declared that all airports and sea ports were closed to travelers and those airport facilities would only accommodate medical emergencies and medical personnel.

Four days after the PM’s announcement, Dominica had already recorded 12 cases of covid 19 and the country was in a state of panic and total lockdown mode. The PM was resolute and assured the nation that, the ports were out of bounds to everyone’s surprise a mysterious plane landed at Melleville Hall/ Douglas Charles airport on April 3 rd. The Avianca Airline Airbus A320 landed at Melleville Hall airport with a cloak and dagger type operation. The people already frantic and concerned about border transmission started asking questions but the “most transparent criminal administration in the Western Hemisphere” would not and is yet to respond.

The above photo is that of the mysterious airplane on the tarmac at the Melleville Hall airport. Note that the tail number is quite distorted but with the brilliant work of our research team we were able to identify and locate the very same airplane at a different airport- Avianca airline tail# N764AV. See the following photo.   

Our investigation reveal that the mysterious plane was not delivering medical supplies or medical personnel. Neither was it there to secretely whisk Mehul Choksi out of Dominica.  That Avianca airline tail# N764AV was chattered by Alick Lawrence for more than US $50,000 to fly him and his traveling companions from Dominican Republic (DR) to Dominica. We believe that this was the second leg of Alick Lawrence’s return trip from Dubai. According to sources with direct knowledge of Alick’s travel, Alick de-boarded at Melleville Hall with 5 duffle bags and it is alleged that all 5 bags were tightly packed. It is well known that Alick Lawrence is so tight (cheap) that he squeaks when he walks so we know that Alick did not go to Dubai in the height of a pandemic to do clothes or electronic shopping. We must therefore ask Alick Lawrence what was he transporting in the 5 tightly packed duffle bags- was it cash?

There are whispering allegations among DLP circles that Alick Lawrence avoids travelling through the United States but we at MiTC are unable verify such claim. There is also no evidence to show that Alick’s 5 duffle bags were loaded with cash.  It is conceivable though , that anyone even holding a diplomatic passport and dragging along duffle bags ,allegedly packed with cash and coming from premier money laundering hotspot of Dubai, should be concerned about the Anti Money Laundering (AML)dragnet of the United States.

For perspective the average duffle bag can easily carry over US $500,000 in cash. 

Several weeks following the arrival of the Avianca plane, we were notified of large sums of cash payments to service providers for the Anichi Hotel construction project. It is important to note that most of these service providers had been impatiently awaiting due payments for months and some had been complaining through our inboxes. In some cases the cash payments received were  just partial  payments on the accounts owed.

                                                          Bernard Dixon Sylvester
There were  cash payments in the range of $80K- $200 K and the person doling out those large sums of cash was no other than the Stuttering(begayaying),scam voting coordinator and Diplomatic Passport mule Bernard “Dixon “ Sylvester. According to our credible sources, Bernard “Dixon “ Sylvester with his usual  stutter and uncontrollable blinking eyelids would utter the line “ de de de this ee ee eezz fffrom Alick Lawrence,” as if to suggest to the service providers that such large sums of cash coming from a reputable senior officer of the court, is credible and free of any money laundering implications. It is only fair to ask Dixon – Where did that volume of cash (L’argent cheche) come from?

To Dominica’s Financial Intelligence Unit/Paper Tiger– If you didn’t know now you know.

The Maladies of Money Laundering

Money laundering has a devastating impact on economies particularly in small island states. Money laundering incentivizes criminal enterprise and attracts scum bags like #Anthony Haiden of MMCE  and other dirty passport selling agents and questionable promoters. 

Money Laundering sets the platform for tax avoidance and deprives the government of revenue. For example the craftsmen and laborers who worked at the Anichi project and received dry cash either directly or indirectly through the Dixon Sylvester payouts most likely did not pay social security and income taxes. Also with undocumented cash payments to truck drivers or even material suppliers the Inland Revenue Department is left out in the dark.   

Corruption and money laundering infiltrate every facet of a society and businesses, the public and governmental institution are often forced to become participants some via bribery and others via  intimidation.  The reluctance of the Financial Investigation Unit to investigate the US $5ooK at the cottage in Paix Bouche is a stark example of government employees brick walled by internal corruption and the fear of victimization.

 There is no control on economic policies .Major projects funded by the people’s money have no government auditing and are of little to no financial benefit to public institutions like Inland Revenue and Social Security.    

The calamitous impact of organized money laundering by the governing Labor Party , its cabal and foreign mercenaries  has created an unstable and distorted economy. A few people associated with the criminal administration have become wealthy while abject poverty is exploding among the populace. As a result social degeneration is palpable  and the Skerrit administration knows that. 

In a follow up article we will expose the working of the government as they scramble around to contain the exploding poverty in Dominica.  We will expose the workings of  DLP operatives like Eddie Lambert and others as they are surreptitiously using DEXIA to distribute desperately needed poverty packages around Dominica.

Tic Tic Tic Tic.


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