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Many of us would have seen the interview between Dominica opposition leader Lennox Linton and Niranjan Narayanasawamy  of the Republic TV News of India and it is fair to conclude that Niranjan did his job by asking Linton the direct questions relating to  vaccine quid pro quo however based on the narrative coming from both Niranjan of the Republic TV and the many other news outlets in India one gets the feeling that Dominica owe it to India to jettison the rule of law and civility as payback for the vaccines donated to the governments of Dominica with arrangements to share with the government of Antigua.( Makes you wanna go hmmmmm!!!!)

The people of Dominica are very appreciative of PM Modi’s gesture however in any civilized society justice must be sort within the bounds of the law. It would be quite shameful or even criminal to trounce upon the procedural rights for accused or convicted persons for the fulfillment of India's Prime Minister Modi's  2019 campaign promise to bring back Mohul Choski and co-conspirators by any means.

At the risk of being accused of washing our dirty laundry in the public domain ,the people of India should also understand that the apparent criminality that the government of Dominica brought to the Choksi case is not at all surprising as the Roosevelt Skerrit administration is labeled a rogue and criminal enterprise.  It is unfortunate that the Indian government may or may not have known that they were engaging the services of a criminal enterprise in the Roosevelt Skerrit administration to pursue an alleged Indian criminal on the run. 

                                                                                                 Kiran Singh 
Some people in India will recall the case involving Registrar of the Family Courts at Pune (India) (PA No. 707 of 2011). Indian citizen Kiran Singh who ran afoul with the law in Indian was able to purchase Dominican passports for himself and his son Rayhan while on the lam. The passports were allegedly purchase through PM Skerrit's attorney and Chemical Ali  Anthony” Mopyon” Astaphan. We must state that Astaphan an acclaimed inveterate liar also denied ever dealing with Kiran.

It was the very same Roosevelt Skerrit administration who in 2012 refuse to cooperate with the government of India in their quest to have Kiran answer to the alleged criminal matters in India and to return six year old Rayhan to the grieving mother Priya Singh. Is it reasonable to assume that , had there been a quid pro quo or some sort off vaccine diplomacy at the time ,Kiran and Rayhan would have been immediately extricated from Dominica? 


                                                         Situation Room 

The Prime Minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit has remained muted throughout the Mohul Choksi scandal but we can confirm that he was part of the contingent that traveled to the North of the island to oversee the arrival and transfer of Choksi to Dominica. On the day of Choksi’s arrival the Prime Minister was positioned at the Kempinski Hotel (a la “Situation Room”) which is just a few hundred yards away from the drop off point. During the arrival and transfer operation, the PM received constant updates to include phone calls and photos from Police Commissioner Lincoln Corbette who was at Ground zero with his arresting officers. We dare the government to deny this fact.

We also reported earlier that ,the National Security Minister Rayburn Blackmore was not part of the initial planning however we can also confirm that at some point during the handing over of  Choksi, Rayburn Blackmore received real time photos from Corbette at the Cabrits terminal. Corbette who is known to be an egotistic maniac also forwarded the same photos  to other individuals to boost his ego.   

Our investigation also reveals that the two Indian men who escorted Choksi from Antigua to Dominica, Gurmit Singh and Gurjit Singh Bhandal were driven from the Cabrits in Portsmouth to the pre-arranged hotel accommodation in Roseau. The driver was a designated government health inspector. We will reveal the identity of that health inspector if it becomes necessary.

Official documents leaked to the media last week, identified the crew and passengers arriving on one vessel named Lady Ann and another vessel named Calliope of Arne. The name Mehul Choksi was not included in any of the documents and understandably so– not as a passenger or crew. Let alone a captive.

But the plot gets thicker, the Crew and Passenger listed for the vessel Lady Ann identified the following people –

Egbert Joyeux of St Lucia  Crew

Eugene Davidson of St Lucia, Crew

Gurmit Singh of Birmingham UK. Passenger

 Gurjit Singh Bhandal of Birmingham UK. Passenger

Note also that in the same leaked documents ,the passenger list shown produced by Cobra Yachting Services show the same passengers Gurmit Singh and Gurjit Singh both of Birmingham UK but this time from the vessel name Calliope Of Arne.  Oh my Cobra!!!!

Our underground investigations also uncovered the following individuals allegedly part of the Choksi transfer scheme and have entered Dominica legally either on the Lady or Calliope of Arne. We have their passport information.

Danlay Augustine of St Lucia

Ulric Ferdinand also of St Lucia.

Foster Claudius Adolphus  Haynes of St Vincent,

The reason these men Danlay Augustine, Ulric Ferdinand and Foster Haynes were left off the crew and passenger list is unknown. What is clear is that (1) there were two vessels involved in the Choksi transfer scheme and (2) there was a deliberate effort to falsify the entry documents. 

In an effort to get some clarity we reviewed the interview done by Cobra from Cobra Yachting Services and notice that Cobra was very economical with the truth. Cobra told the Indian reporter “ on the 25 th would have been the continuation of the clearance that we did for a particular yacht – the same one circulating all over the media houses which came in on the 24.“ The vessel that Cobra was referring to is the Calliope of Arne which was according to Cobra himself, came into Dominica on the 24. What happened between the 24 and the 25 remains a mystery. Are we to assume that it takes Cobra 2 days to clear a yacht or is it that Cobra cleared one yacht on the 24th and another on the 25 th?  

 Cobra also stated in the same interview that he cleared two passengers and 3 crew members. His document again shows the same two passengers that were declared from the other vessel Lady Ann. But according to Cobra he only dealt with Calliope Of Arne. We would also like to ask Cobra -are the three crew members  that he cleared -Foster Claudius Adolphus  Haynes of St Vincent, Danlay Augustine of St Lucia and Ulric Ferdinand also of St Lucia? If so Mr. Cobra may want to tell us who was responsible yacht agent for the vessel  Lady Anne with captain Egbert Joyeux and one crew Eugene Davidson both from St Lucia?.

We can also all agree that in the photos showing the Calliope Of Arne at the Cabrits Port, there are an Indian woman, one Indian gentleman and three crew members. Cobra also said in the interview that there was no woman aboard. The person in black standing on the left is a woman 

                       Calliope Of Arne With Indian Lady
We don’t expect any credible kidnapping investigation  from a very corrupt government and a compromised police department but if there was to be an investigation Cobra Yachting Services would have to clarify those discrepancies.

Also if Cobra is having memory lapses MiTC can jolt his memory with a few words “Green Heart, 40 feet containers and wharf.” Cobra is a smart guy and he knows what we are talking about. Tic Tic, Tic. Nevertheless MiTC is following up with our friends and associates in St Vincent and St Lucia to find out about these individuals.  

There is no doubt that the plan was to stealthy whisk Choksi in and out of Dominica, living no evidence or record of arrival or departure but  Roosevelt Skerrit and his administration have shown us time after time that they are terrible managers and they bare a track record of not only criminality and corruption but also ring binder of failed projects. It is no surprise that they made such a mess out off the the Choski scheme, now a huge scandal.

Bad Planning or desperation?

We understand that the Port and border patrol unit was given last minute notice and upon entering the vessel carrying Choksi  the Marine officer asked for Mr. Birmingham instead of Choski.(lol)   It was one of the St Lucian crew member who immediately intervened, pointed to the floor of the vessel  and said  The man that you want  is at the bottom

Bad Planning or Buffoonery?

Rayburn Blackmore called Corbette a Jackass because Corbette on arrival at ground Zero introduced himself to Choksi as “The Police Commissioner” – The jackass was not suppose too and according to credible sources within the police and government circles, efforts are now being made to expunge any  record of  Corbette at the Cabrits meeting Choksi and his capturers. Passport Seller and one of PM Skerrit’s attorney and fixer Alick Lawrence was dispatched to Police headquarters to try to clean up the records for court purposes. Alick Lawrence allegedly ask two police women working directly with the commissioner to sign an  affidavit stating that on the day of Choksi’s arrival that Commissioner Corbette was at the material time at his office at Police Headquarters in Roseau. We understand that both police women, one being Antonia Moses refuse to sign Alick Lawrence’s dirty work. You go girl - "Dont let them fool ya or try to rearrange ya

The silence of the government speaks loudly off the criminal behavior of the prime minister, police commissioner and conspirators. As it is often said, it is not the crime that gets you it is the cover up. We can assure the  band of brigands  or in Hindi ,Shabdkosh  PM Roosevelt Skerrit, Alick Lawrence, Anthony Mopyon Astaphan, Lennox Lawrence, Jackass Corbette  and Prime Minister Gaston Brown  of Antigua, we will peal back your ridiculous band aids and clownish cover-ups and just remember pictures speak thousands of  words and the thousands of words are readily available  

"Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves . What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insist on community " Robert Kennedy

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