Friday, July 16, 2021


 Mehul Choksi  is now back in Antigua where he belong but we must not for one moment pretend that he was sent back to Antigua because of a justice system that works or a government that does the right thing. Choksi is back in Antigua because the criminal administration of Roosevelt Skerrit and the conspiring court system were cornered and could no longer continue with the lies, evidence tampering and intimidation while the international community kept a close watch on Dominica.

Truth is the bedrock for a fair and just society and we commend all those who were relentless with debunking and uncloaking the lies and tampered evidence presented by the government and police department.

The accomplice to the crime of corruption by politicians is most frequently the people’s indifference and moral disarmament and Dominica stands as a prime example. We should also not forget those public servants who continue to aid and abet the criminal behavior of corrupt politicians in government.  In colloquial terms we say “Si ir pa nir soutiwen ir pa nir volere” 

Without the abetting public servants ,corrupt politicians are shorthanded. We must therefore make it a point of duty to hold corrupt public servants accountable and when the justice system will not work we intend to name and shame those public servants.

We named and shamed acting police commissioner Lincoln Corbette and police officer Earl Luis. We spoke about the involvement of the Coast Guard Vessel name PB Lugay and crew. We reported that the captain of the coast guard vessel PB Lugay took leave of absence and was unwilling to falsify his report on the night when Choksi was extracted from the Calliope of Arne. While we give the captain some credit for not willing to acquiesce with Corbette and Valerie's cover up schemes, the captain should have said no to an illegal order when Lincoln Corbette called him directly and asked him to extract Mehul Choksi from the Calliope Of Arne. The Calliope of Arne was anchored at the Prince Rupert Bay.

"He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers." We are therefore calling on Corporal Faustinus Thomas to come before the people’s court to plead guilty of violating international conventions against human trafficking.

We reached out to past members of the Dominica Police force to find out about Corprol Faustinus Thomas. We learn that “Fausti” as he is affectionately known is from Portsmouth and is a Skerrit apologist – No surprise here. We also learn that Corprol Faustinus Thomas is the son of a deceased honorable police officer, Faustival Thomas. We understand that Officer Faustival Thomas was murdered in the town of Portsmouth many years ago while attempting to arrest a notorious criminal from Portsmouth. 

We spoke to a senior citizen and retired police officer who knew officer Faustival Thomas and when we told him his son  Corporal Faustinus Thomas' role in the Mehul Choksi matter he aid "the gentleman (Faustinus Thomas) has dishonored his father’s legacy. His father Faustival was such an upright police officer

Truth is the bedrock for a fair and just society and knowledge of truth is of little value unless we apply it in making correct decisions’. In the absence of a functional justice system in Dominica the court of public opinion has found Cpl Fustinus Thomas guilty as charged in the illegal and inhumane rendition of Mehul Choksi while operating the Coast guard vessel PB Lugay.

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