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 In a video that went viral a gentleman from the village of Cottage can be seen living underneath a house and receiving food donation from a young lady name Candy. We thought that this story was worth exploring, so a few MiTC team members took a drive up north of the island to find out some more about the story. We went to the village of Cottage and also spent some time in the town of Portsmouth.

What we found out about the gentleman in the video is that his name is Sustein that he was offered some government assistance but will not accept the offer because of the political strings that comes with DLP overtures. In the words of one villager we spoke to “Sustein say they kill Alleyne Carbon and wants nothing to do with them - everything they touch is Malediction.” The indication here is that Susten is not a fan of the ruling DLP and a die hard loyalist of the deceased former Parliamentary Representative Alleyne Carbon. We are not sure who is alleged to have killed Alleyne Carbon however we left the village thinking that if Mr Sustein really stuck with his principle instead of accepting government assistance he is only reminding us of the reality that "a principle not compromised is one worth dying for. " Dwight Eisenhower once said that “ A people that value its privileges above it’s principles soon loses both.”   

Granted no one should live in such condition and whether or not the government assistance comes with the crass political attachments, the fact remains that the assistance was offered and in that case the many accusations of government neglect is unwarranted. 

When we got to the town of Portsmouth we inquired about the young lady in the video and the group that she represents. We understand that her first name is Candy and from what we have learned about Candy and the work she does , the people of Portsmouth ought to be proud of the young lady instead of vilifying her for her good deeds. But alas the people of Portsmouth are wired RED with no rhyme or reason   nothing is more important than supporting the symbol of a red shoe, literally a shoe; not even  their professed Christianity or their  livelihood can come before loyalty to a band of criminals representing that Red Shoe. 

The video seem to have infuriated the DLP supporters and even the DLP politicians themselves. After looking at the video no one can say that this was malicious or politically motivated. All we see is a young lady genuinely opening up her heart to someone in dire need and then becoming overwhelmed by his indurate living condition. We ask a number of people who know Candy if she is oppose to the DLP government and to our surprise they all said they don’t think so. In fact most of them seem to even think that Candy is a Laborite. In our mind we are thinking what are the chances she is not – is it a  3 or 5 % chance?

We have since heard a voice clip purportedly of Candy offering up an apology for the video. What is heartbreaking about Candy’s apology is – here is someone apologizing for doing the right thing; for doing the kind of deed that is godly yet even those who profess Christianity are upset simply because her good deeds causes a bit of discomfort to their political tribe. 

In Candy’s apology we notice that she seem to be apologizing primarily to Mr. President. Some among us were asking whether she was apologizing to the president of the charity group that she works with or the president of Dominica. From what we learned in Portsmouth yesterday Candy is not just a philanthropist, she runs her own business and is renting retail space in Charles Saverin’s building in Portsmouth. We understand that Candy’s store is on the ground floor of Charles A Savarin’s building while his government rents the top floor. We sure would like to expound on  Charles A Saverin’s avarice, selfishness and corruption but we would rather stick to the theme – no good deed goes unpunished Candy’s story.

So was Candy apologizing to Dominica's president Charles A Saverin and if so why would she be apologizing to him for doing god’s work?

 From our interaction with a number of people in Portsmouth it appears that Candy seem to have receive much admonishment and even threats from people in high offices and hypocrite Christians in Portsmouth. None of these people have any qualms with GIS using poor people as props for Skerrit and Labor Party propaganda. The very same Christians and supposed people of moral repute have no problem with the stealth like/dark of night  distribution of poverty packages to laborites around Portsmouth and surrounding. We promise to blow open this DLP undercover scheme very soon – we will name names too.   

Now that we know that Candy is a tenant of the president Charles Aviege Saverin it is only logical that there is some form of direct interaction . So in reaction to the discomfiture brought about by the video did Candy receive any kind of threat from Charles Saverin on behalf of the Labor Party administration?  Well, Candy stated that the president did reach out to her in a chastising manner. 

It seem very improper that the president of the Commonwealth of Dominica would insert himself in such an issue  and is yet to say anything regarding the Mehul Choksi’s matter; One  fraught with evidence of human smuggling, kidnapping and torture. 

No surprises here - Charles Saverin is a known political hack and saboteur with a reputation of threatening violence and destruction on anyone deemed a political enemy.

Alas what do we expect from a hair dye addicted 80 year old political deadbeat with chicklet looking dentures and a craving for political power by any means necessary.    


80 year old Hair Dying adict and Chiklet Dentures

We did not get an opportunity to talk to Mrs. Candy or any other member of her group but from what we have learned in just a few hours in Portsmouth is that Candy is a very caring and passionate individual , a philanthropist at heart and really do mean well. 

If there is any humanity left in us as a small society we should put on the party blinders and rally behind Candy and her group as they go around helping people like Susten who are living in abject poverty. Indigence is real and growing rapidly in Dominica and the government is busy trying to keep it all under wraps. We are encouraging people of good conscience to stand with Candy, go patronize her business Candy Girl Store in Portsmouth and help her continue her wonderful humanitarian work .

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