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Put out

Someone called into Q95’s hot seat radio program last week and opine that PM Skerrit is like Russia’s president Vladimir Putin. The talk show host Matt Peltier (Matt)disagreed with the caller and said that it was a matter of “Chuck and Cheese” or apples to oranges. It is apples to oranges when you compare the magnitude of influence but when it comes to personality traits and behavioral pattern it is just a matter of large oranges to Cuties/Halos(small oranges). Nevertheless both are oranges –sweet, acidic. Skerrit(Putout)/Putin - Corrupt, avaricious and Power Hungry.

Like Putin ,Skerrit’s  mantra is that there could be no power without wealth. It is through wealth that they control all facets of the political system. They are able through wealth to control state owned media and even subjugate privately owned media enterprises. Through wealth they are able to feign democracy under sham elections

In their 20 years of power both men have employed social policies to strengthen their popularity and while their citizens fall for these smoke and mirror policies , the real consequences are seen by  evidence of  economic regression, a severely underperforming economy, where healthcare, education and many other social services are abysmal.

The stagnated Russian economy is a direct result of Putin and his associates’ control of state-owned business ventures such as energy company Rosneft, and the giant gas company Gazprom. Putin serves as the de-facto CEO of these state-owned companies and it is Putin and his inner circle of oligarchs that control the wealth generated from exploration, extraction, production, refining , the sale and distribution of Russia’s natural resources , specifically petroleum, natural gas products. In Dominica 90% of state revenue , is controlled by Skerrit and his passport oligarchs-foreign and domestic. They keep 90 percent for themselves and the remaining 10 percent is used to sow division among the citizenry

Both men claim to preside over a democracy but reserve the right to decide how democracy is carried out by manipulating elections, persecuting and prosecuting opposition politicians and installing fear among the citizenry. Putin altered the Russian constitution to remain in power for as long as he chooses, Skerrit have already declared that “no Law no constitution can prevent him from doing whatever he wants too.” We are just awaiting the day he unilaterally alters the constitution to render himself as executive president for as long as he wants too.

 President Putin’s official salary is a meager $140,000 compared to his dazzling wealth. Certainly, his salary cannot account for the mega yachts, aircrafts, luxury watch collection, hidden offshore accounts , shell companies, his various mansions, plus his 1 billion dollar palace on Black Sea coast near Gelendzhik, Russia. We will see later how Putin was able to acquire this 1 billion dollar mansion. Some Swedish economists have estimated Putin’s net worth to be near $160 Billion.

When Matt told the caller that there was no comparison between Putin and "Putout" he missed the opportunity to tap into that famous article by Matt Peltier himself -an article titled “Million Dollar Assets , $5000 Salary. “ Matt wrote this article when as a journalist he found out that just two years after becoming prime minister ,Skerrit had corruptly amass millions of dollars in assets. In this  “Million Dollar Assets , $5000 Salary “ article there were two parallels between Putin and Put Out. The brazen Kleptacracy and the gag order that Matt Peltier himself have had to endure after publicly speaking out about the Skerrit's overnight wealth. Putin flaunts his affluent lifestyle and  is notorious for silencing his critics be it through incarceration and often enough through assassination.

There is an old Chinese cliché that says” if you take a ride on a hungry tiger you will never be able to dismount that tiger willingly.” Matt’s article was clearly not enough to stop a man so avaricious and power hungry. Shameless apologists and supporters urged him on and so the kleptoracy went into higher gear. Incontrovertible evidence show that he committed the garbage Bin bobol, Fertilizer bobol, and sold diplomatic passports to several crooks even way before the NG Lap Seng ,Francesco, Corallo, Madeuke or Alireza Monfared diplomatic passport scandals became public. With the likes of Putin and Skerrit- enough is never enough but there is only one way it can end - The tiger will eventually have that meal.

Like Putin ,Skerrit’s meager salary cannot account for the mansions that he owns but also take note of the striking similarity with the deceptive procurement of  Skerrit’s mansion in Morne Daniel and Putin’s mansion in Gelendzhik, Russia. The construction and ownership of Putin’s mansion was fronted and covered by his friend who happens to have unlimited access and use of state gas and petroleum resources. The construction and  ownership arrangement of Skerrit’s $25 Million mansion in Morne Daniel is fronted and covered by Skerrit’s friend in Dubai, Anthony Haiden. Anthony Haden has unfettered control of state resources in the form of CBI passport revenues. In fact PM Skerrit has admitted that he and Anthony Haiden have exclusive control of CBI passport revenues in offshore holding arrangements.  

Top Corner -New Const.
"Greed has no boundaries” -With owning a mansion in Vielle Case , One in Morne Danielle , an apartment in New York City there seem to be another much bigger building in construction on Land allegedly owned by the Skerrit family in Morne Daniel. A million dollar wall was installed in Morne Daniel to keep away prying eyes but  they  can’t stop Google Earth and images from flying drone. 

According to Vigilante the Calypsonian – we are harvesting poverty, fruits of a misplaced loyalty" we present to you another one of Skerrit’s project in Morne Daniel. Keep your eyes open.

It is also quite obvious that Dominicans are either reluctant or just too scared to inquire about the money and ownership behind the high rise building in construction at the Jean Rhys House location in Roseau- opposite the Credit Union. What we know and many others do as well is that, a few years ago the said property had allegedly been purchased by PM Skerrit. With reports that representatives of Anthony Haiden’s MMCE visiting the same construction site ,it raises the question of whether or not this project is another collaboration between Anthony Haiden and PM Skerrit.

Leaked documents such as the Panama Papers, Paradise Papers, Swiss Bank leaks show how the ownership structure of offshore accounts and shell companies are related to close associates of President Putin.  Even if Putin’s name is not directly attached to those accounts in many instances there are trails leading to his friends, relatives and even his fairy tale girlfriend. So too PM Skerrit’s name so far has not shown up in the ICIJ leaks but addresses of his close associates, his personal lawyers and also a fairy Tale girlfriend are tied to offshore accounts and shell companies as shown in the Panama Papers leak. It would also come as a great surprise that Skerrit as PM and minister of finance is unaware of one account in Panama under the directorship of The Commonwealth of Dominica and another under the “Board of the National Commercial Bank.

Last week MiTC republished details of some Swiss Offshore accounts uncovered as far back as 2009. We only stated that the accounts produced belong to local Dominicans specifically politicians. Today we are providing some more information – Based on the credible work of our investigators we can state that the only government officials that can tell us about these accounts are PM. Skerrit and Minister Reginald Austrie.

PM Skerrit has the answers on the following accounts

HSBC Account ending in 497 -US$9.2 Million

HSBC account ending in 1992- US $2 Million Diplomatic Passport?

Credit Suisse account ,ending 486 -  US $20 Million

Credit Suisse account ,ending 655- US $7.6 Million

Reginald Austrie has the answers to the following accounts

UBS account ,ending 894 - US $3.5 Million- Petro Caribe Affair

UBS account ,ending 748 -  US $14.6M-   Petro Caribe Affair

Bank Frey account ,ending 258- US $4.82 Million 

Bank Frey account ,ending 244-  US $3.1 Million

By coincidence Putin and Skerrit (Put Out) both have been in power for  2 decades but it is no coincidence that both have created a regime with the identity of Authoritarian Kleptocracy. An authoritarian kleptocracy is branded by small ruling elite who commandeer and consolidate power using the wealth stolen from state owned resources. The power is concentrated in the hands of the leader who then delegates high handing authority to specially selected police figures. The leader and his hand pick circle control state finances, law enforcement, and the electoral and judicial system.

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