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The foundation of democracy is the rule of law and that necessitates an independent judiciary with judges making decisions independent of political machinations. It is also equally important to recognize that as citizens in a functional democracy we don’t have to agree on political matters to stand together against injustice when or wherever.

The disgraceful treatment meted out to Doctor Thomson Fountain by the government, the police and the court system is a reminder that our rights as citizens are not guaranteed by a judiciary that is directed and controlled by dirty politicians. When politicians direct the judiciary there will be anarchy- A Cambridge professor once said that “there is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.” Even more when the most prosperous criminals are in position of authority truth will forever be denied the right to be a witness.

The decision to arrest and humiliate Dr. Fountain was met with widespread conjecture. While a few people argue that the police was just doing their work the general sentiment is that the police was acting on behalf of the DLP administration all in an effort to humiliate Dr. Fountain and the opposition. One thing for sure no amount of legal arguments can usurp the fact that a justice system that is already corrupt is naturally suspicious and the same justice system that becomes suspicious will quickly be corrupt. There is plenty of evidence to go with that

So the public speculated that the DLP politicians had issued directives to the police and so we decided to search for the truth. We learned from very credible sources that not only was the police directed by the DLP politicians even the magistrate Michael Laudat who deliberated on the bail conditions for Dr. Fountain had been receiving orders from none other than Minister of National Security Rayburn Blackmore of Baby Sarah infamy. We can confirm that in a phone call to magistrate Michael Laudat, the Minister Blackmore requested harsh and illegal treatment of Dr. Thomson Fountain. Mr. Laudat first resisted Rayburn Blackmore’s illegal requests but then he was quickly threatened. According to our reliable sources Blackmore said to Magistrate Laudat “If you don’t want to do what we are asking you to do, we will just have to get some Guyanese or a Trinidadian to do your job.”

We question our sources as to why the threat to bring in a Guyanese or Trinidadian when there are other magistrates available. We were told that at least one other magistrate refuse to go along with Blackmore’s overtures and in response said “I will not take part in the political harassment of an innocent man. We choose not to reveal the identity of the magistrate.

We were also reminded of the fact that Magistrate Laudat who is a retired police officer was given the job of magistrate after he filed a lawsuit against the DLP administration after not receiving rank promotion within the police force. Since getting the magistrate gig, the lawsuit seems to have disappeared.

As we watch the Dr. Fontaine’s matter unfold within our corrupt court system we want to alert the public of a serious legal matter involving a member of the DLP cabal. At this juncture we are not at liberty to disclose the details of the legal matter however what we can say is that the matter involves a top level DLP operative who after violation of the law , tried presenting forged documents yet given preferential treatment by the police. This DLP operative   has not shown up for several court dates, including one this week-the same week that Dr. Fontaine had been jailed and persecuted for missing one court date.

The DLP cabal would very much like to keep the matter a secret but very soon we will expose what we now refer to as our case # - MW- AWD- PK133- WIL.

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