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Push Mal Coshon Off The Train

Google capture of Austrie's New Building

Like many others I received a link to a DNO editorial by the former GIS operator and DLP propagandist Mervin Paul. As I read through the editorial, I had to keep reminding myself of the lifelong lesson -not to shoot down the messenger. My experience has also taught me that when the messenger comes with insincerity and the message comes half delivered it’s a good idea to be prepared to shoot the messenger. So, let’s see how it goes

New Construction
What Mervin wrote was really another sermon to the choir. Everyone knows, laborites included that Reginald Austrie is loathsome, corrupt, selfish and an “aviege” PIG ( Politician In Government). Mervin called out some of Austrie's self-enrichment activities, his vindictiveness and his king on the hilltop lifestyle and mentality. He also identified some of the many properties that Austrie has accumulated for himself while his constituents are wallowing in abject poverty.  In addition to owning several buildings, Austrie has another one in construction inSavanne Paille area. Here is a photo of the building in construction. The green houses shown in the Google capture (Top of Page)also belong to Austrie  

A Half-Truth Is Worse Than A Lie 

Conventional wisdom teaches that a half-truth is the peculiar device of a conscientious detractor and an ally of vice.  It is quite intriguing that Mervin Paul only chose to lambast Reginald Austrie’s corruption when Mervin undoubtedly knew off and saw widespread corruption while he worked with DLP criminal gang. We know for a fact and had already reported that while working in a lower-level government job, Mervin Paul found out that Skerrit and others were talking about firing him. The confrontational and feisty person that he is, Mervin responded by threatening to expose Skerrit’s offshore banks information. Following the threat, a convenient compromised was reached- Skerrit quickly backed off and Mervin Paul was instead elevated to a directorship position within Government Information Service (GIS).

While Reginald Austrie is a disgusting character, a “dunce Kyat “, a PIG(Politician in Government) grabbing all for himself, Mervin knows very well that Austrie’s duplicity is faint in comparison to Roosevelt Skerrit’s.  Somewhere around 2010 Mervin Paul knew off and touted information, he claimed to have had about Skerrit’s hefty offshore bank accounts. Is Mervin unaware of Skerrit’s three mansions, apartment in New York, slush accounts controlled by Isidore , cash parties, alleged investments in Dubai, 8 villas in Savanne Paille , Bin and Fertilizer Bobol and much more?

If Mervin Paul really meant to deliver a message about government accountability and corruption, he would also look at people like Blackmore, Collin McIntyre and hangers-on like Ambrose George, Emmanuel Nanthan, Alick Lawrence, Anthony Astaphan et al.  All of these individuals are operatives and beneficiaries of the very same government corruption - 20 years and counting. I am sure Mervin heard Austrie’s recorded confession claiming that Blackmore bought a house cash for baby Sarah’s Mother. 

Should Mervin speak to his friends some present and former confidants of Austrie, he will find out that Austrie allegedly talks about Skerrit’s conniving ways and massive illicit riches that Skerrit has acquired while pretending to be a laborite.  

It is also a well-known fact that Mervin Paul and Reginald Austrie had become bitter enemies after Mervin Paul with the blessings of PM Skerrit made some backdoor moves to dislodge Austrie and to have him emerge as the DLP representative for the Cottage Constituency. We also know for a fact that Mervin Paul touted text messages from Skerrit directing him to proceed with plans to crush Reginald Austrie. In one message Skerrit says to Mervin “All is well you have my blessings my brother.”

Many people are thinking Mervin is back trying to replace Reginald Austrie but that may not be the case at all. Our information suggest that Mervin may have been recruited again by Skerrit and others within the DLP to push the “Mal Coshon“ of the train and to replace him this time with another individual name Roland Royer.  Hold that thought, there is more to that.

Greed is always a little bit more than having enough

Reginald Austrie once said that he has no intension of leaving government poor and humble like the decease Alleyne Carbon or EO Leblanc. By his actions and repeated utterances, it is quite clear that he intends to ride the government wagon till the wheels fall off. We can confirm that Reginald Austrie has rejected suggestions by the DLP cabal for him to step aside for PS in the Ministry of Public Works Roland Royer. According to credible sources at the top of the DLP crime syndicate, Austrie said no way. One source revealed to us that Austrie hates Roland Royer but when he was first asked to step aside, he lamented “Boy my wife retire what am I going to do, what am I going to do boss.“ – we take that to mean that he is concerned about maintaining the affluent lifestyle and his concubines. 

We understand that Roland Royer is first cousin to Austrie yet Austrie said to someone regarding Roland Royer -“ I can’t stand mister you know and I don’t trust him” 

Just a warning to Austrie - there may be tape recordings   

Mervin correctly called out the ongoing scandal on the Toucari Beach and the fact that Austrie is using every means within his authority to make his daughter the premier bar owner on Toucarie Beach.  We are aware that Austrie has been directing a building contractor currently working on government projects up north to provide concrete and other material from the very same projects to build the bar on the beach for his daughter. 

It is also alleged that Reginald Austrie hijacked a number of Jet Skis that were earmarked for the Kempinski Hotel and intends to assigned these Jet Skis to daughter’s beach bar in Toucari.

Tarish Pit & Concrete Plant
We have also been following reports from DLP insiders of an alleged arrangement between Austrie and a businessman from Vielle Case. The garrulous PIG, Austrie should confirm or deny the purported arrangement whereby that businessman was given full control of a Tarish pit in Savanne Paille area, in exchange for 18 cents on every dollar made from the tarish mining and concrete batching operation. See the attached photo of the location.

Too much credence is given to Mervin Paul’s DNO editorial - it was far from an epiphany.  To me it was just a coward bearing half-truths. I personally will never forget Mervin Paul's action on Kairi Radio as facilitated Tony “Mopyon” Astaphan cover up for Siko Seko. Siko Seko had allegedly orchestrated the firebombing of GON Emmanuel ‘s house. An apology to the entire nation and the GON Emmanuel family is in order and until then we should be prepared to shoot the messenger - have him leave the message at the door until he comes back with some sincerity.


The less we pay attention to our oppression, the more our tolerance for it grows. After a while, people just think that being bamboozled by the oppressors is the normal state of things or as we say "so it is wee man” We must remain vigilant and resolute. Martin Luther King Jr cautioned that there is little hope for a nation until the people become tough minded enough to break loose from the shackles of deceit, half-truths and downright ignorance. “A nation that continues to produce soft minded men purchases its own spiritual death on an installment plan.

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