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After 20 years of brazen corruption, lies, dishonesty and connivance by PM Roosevelt Skerrit, many people weren’t surprised at all that Skerrit would bring back the discarded members of the previous dysfunctional cabinet – even after he publicly trashed and humiliated them. 

The man is a shameless scoundrel.

Those who were surprised, I included thought that there is no way   Ian, Darroux, Austrie, Blackmore et al would allow themselves to be Skerrit’s cud. Having received brand new vehicles each and the promise of a cash payoff or buyout, the   political discards would walk away and maybe try salvaging whatever bit of dignity available to them- at least that’s ’s what I thought would happen, but they became cud for Skerrit.

It turned out the conniving one had alternate plans for his political discards.

One thing for sure is that the Conniving One wanted his discards or cud contained and subdued during the election campaign since he had already averted a planned insurrection within his old cabinet. Without the help of Snitch and Consiglieri Charles Saverin, Skerrit most likely would have been deposed. So, to facilitate an amicable breakup, Skerrit promised the discards a severance package that included a new vehicle and a huge cash payout. It is rumored that he offered $250,000. MiTC cannot confirm the amount of cash offered.  

The first part of the package was delivered. We can see that -the cuds some people prefer to call them Skerrit's political prostitutes -Ian, Darroux, Austrie, Blackmore et al are all driving around with brand new vehicles and collecting free gas at Petro Caribe. We are also scrutinizing some suspicious activities regarding those same vehicles. We notice that that those vehicles do not have a registered owner at the Traffic Department. They are not even designated as Government of Dominica.

Why the need to hide the ownership of those vehicles?? We are still trying to figure that out. Now that we have expose the ruse, we expect the crooked ones to scramble at the vehicle registration department 

We wanted to find out whether or not the cuds received the second part of the package as promised and we can now report that they did not - not a dime. We can also confirm that on Wednesday November 30 ,6 days before the December 6 sham election, Skerrit met with the cuds at the Kempinski Hotel, and it was there that he informed them that instead of the cash payout he would provide them with cabinet positions and high-level paying jobs.

We dare them to deny that!!!!!!!  

According to one source within the workings of the Dominica Labor Party, Skerrit knew he could not come up with the buyout money but he also knew Blackmore and Kenneth Darroux in particular could upend the humbug campaign. So he brought them all to Kempinski and offers them some modicum of relevance and an ineligible paycheck to go with that. 

A man without principle is commonly a man without character. Our sources also went on to explain that before that Wednesday meeting at the Kempinski Hotel, Ian Douglas for example was already in the process of setting up his office to resume his law practice while waiting for his buyout money or as some have it –‘his rum and bum money” 

A person who values privileges above principles soon loses both.  

Rest Cabinet Ro Ro  

Why Skerrit yelled at the new Parliamentary Representative for Portsmouth and threaten to deal with her in time?

According to our sources the new Parliamentary Representative Fernella Wenham can be very direct and blunt and during a meeting PM Skerrit had been talking down to the members in attendance and Fernella  allegedly put a check on him. She asked 

him to stop talking down to them and Skerrit got mad and told her “You are very antagonistic, and I will deal with you in time. “  

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