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Anichi Structures facing Thruway

Anichi Structures not facing Thruway

This Anich structure has not advanced in 3 years
A few weeks before the 2022 World Creole Music Festival we noticed some painting activity taking place at the stalled CBI funded Anichi Hotel construction site. Would it surprise anyone that it was just another act of deception by the DLP cabal responsible for the Anichi Hotel. Since then, the painting activity has seized and the major structural and functional work to include site work remain far from completion; Millions of CBI dollars spent on an entire project still in doldrums. 

Clearly the painting blitz was an effort to impress visitors –creating the impression that the retarded hotel construction is moving along. The idea it seems was to allow visitors driving along the EO Leblanc thruway to notice the painted buildings but as it stands only the structures visible from the thruway were partially painted. The other structures that are not visible from the thruway were left untouched. Papap’s  putty and paint still couldn't make the devil look like a saint.

The desultory painting sham may have impressed a few unsuspecting visitors however it left a young painting contractor from Portsmouth very disappointed and exploited. We have learned that Alick Lawrence’s moose boy Bernard Dixon Sylvester subcontracted the painting job to a young man from Portsmouth known as Papap.  Sources have told us that Papap has been complaining about not getting fully paid for his material and labor contract. One gentleman who seem very angry with the status quo in Portsmouth said to us “ That genial Dixon only gave Papap $4000 and Papap could hardly pay his workers with that money– them fellas wicked my brother

The Anichi Hotel was scheduled to be completed in 2019. According to the developer Alick Lawrence who is himself from Portsmouth, the Hotel would bring many jobs and economic opportunities to the Portsmouth area. The people of Portsmouth were also promised that a portion of the revenues raised on behalf of the Anichi project would be used to build a resource center in the Chance area of Portsmouth. Today the incomplete hotel construction in Picard Portsmouth is an embarrassing eyesore.  

The number of passports that the Anichi Hotel project has received thus far is unknown. In fact, the Roosevelt Skerrit administration’s policy is that the number of passports assigned to the CBI project developers is none of the citizen’s darn business. We also have no idea what these CBI funded projects cost but CS Global, Dominica’s CBI program promoters and propaganda machinery has recently released information that we the people should treat with added anger.

In an October 2022 nd  release CS Global stated “ Anichi Resort & Spa will be providing a 2% annual return to investors despite being under construction” It is worth noting that the hotel is about 55% complete and 4 years behind revenue operation.

Is CS Global a credible source of information?

Whenever we read CBI related releases from CS Global, we do so with multiple layers of sieves – “nuff Bull Sh***t and embellishments.”  CS Global allegedly gets a commission on every Dominica passport sold and they are responsible for a lot of the CBI online promotional propaganda. News of a 2 % ROI plus a passport with visa free travel to many European countries is definitely a good selling point for the CBI trade.  So could they be lying –send an email to

Is it plausible then that Alick Lawrence’s Oriental Developers Ltd is or will be paying 2% ROI to CBI investors?  Consider this - under the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Real Estate option, purchasers of preferred shares receive share certificates and will be entitled to profit sharing. Purchasers of suites receive title deeds- free stay at the hotel. The hotel was supposed to be commissioned in 2019 and so it is quite possible that the developer is now obligated to provide the benefits from the profit sharing and free residency agreement.

The owner of the CBI funded Jungle Bay resort, Sam Rafael made it clear in a Q95 radio interview that even while the jungle Bay resort is completed and in full operation, he continues to sell shares /passports through the CBI program. He also stated that he has to pay dividends to his Jungle Bay CBI investors. Is Jungle Bay generating enough revenues to sustain operation and pay dividends to investors? Everyone see's everyone knows but 

Somebody please ask Sam Rafael   

We were also reliably informed that the Kempinski Hotel development which has been in operation since 2019 is allegedly still raising funds under the CBI program. 

It is reasonable to conclude that the CBI program serve not just as a means to raise capital for the development and construction of these hotels but also serves as a means to finance the revenue operations of these hotels and to pay dividends to the investors.  Remember the government told us that these CBI funded real estate projects were viable and self-sustaining.

So when and where does the grifting end?

Let’s say that 500 CBI shares were sold for the Anichi Hotel project at the minimum investment threshold of US $220,000 and annual ROI of 2%.  According to CS Global’s news release the developer which is Alick Lawrence’s Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd would have to pay a whopping US $2.2 Million to the CBI investors even as the hotel remain a half formulated White Elephant or as one Picard residence says “the only guests going in and out of the Anichi Hotel are the sea side crabs, abolors, Maboyas and zandolies.”

The looming question is -where would Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd be getting the money to pay CBI investors. Unless Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd has some other revenue source other than the CBI program it may be safe to assume that the 2 % ROI that is allegedly paid to the earlier CBI investors may be coming from ongoing CBI/passport selling revenues. Is that not a government endorsed Ponzi scheme?

According to the dictionary – A Ponzi scheme is a form of fraud that lures investors and pays profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors.”

Now that CS Global has spilled the beans we can also safely assume that the government endorsed Ponzi scheme is standard practice within the CBI real estate scheme.

Everyone See’s Everyone knows.

The citizens of Dominica are left totally in the dark on the number of passports that are given to the developers for their CBI funded projects. If we were to ask for example Antony Haiden, Kenny Green, Collin McIntyre, Sugar George, Sam Rafael, Alick Lawrence or the Nassief Brothers how many passports have they received for their CBI funded projects, none of them would be forthcoming and transparent with that information. In the case of Collin McIntyre and his Eco resort project in the Valley, Collin and his Russian partner received a first tranche of roughly 550 passports an estimated US $ 110 Million to complete the project. Sources within the DLP circle have informed us that Collin and his partner have since received an additional 400 passports towards the Eco-Resort project. With the current status of the Eco-Resort project we are still trying to find value for the US $110 Million let alone the additional 400 passports, another estimated US $88 Million.

Whether these hawks like it or not the passports that are being sold belong to we the people. “Power concedes nothing without a demand “and it is time we demand answers from not just the government but also those CBI beneficiaries who seem to have unfettered and unending authority to mine the heck off the CBI program. It is the right time to make them all feel very uncomfortable.

 At some other time, we will provide information on a scheme whereby some CBI agents and developers are allegedly purchasing the shares from investors upfront.



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