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In spite of proving himself to be a compulsive and pathological liar there are those who have no choice and will keep falling for PM Roosevelt Skerrit’s lies and criminality. Also, there are those, the intellectually dishonest who for selfish reasons will not stand up for truth but I do understand that in time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act and these intellectuals don’t have the courage to be revolutionary.

Skerrit said that his interaction with accused fraudster Justin Sun was a Nothing Burger ???

As always, our team at MiTC go in search of the trails left behind by the criminals posing as government in Dominica. We found evidence of some Chinese who have already obtained their Digital Citizenship and have posted their Digital ID certificate. The above photos show how to apply and a copy of the certificate after completing the application process. 

We also found an online community of Tron followers (Tronisters), talking about getting Dominican Citizenship through the Houbi app.

Here is a snippet of some of the conversations as applicant attempt to us the Justin Sun and Skerrit  app to apply for Citizenship

Someone with the handle- Windsofchange92 posted

Dominica Digital Citizenship - From now on I am a proud member of the Commonwealth of Dominica ~ Huobi Global x TRON

Windsofchange92 then posted

The link Huobi where people could go apply for Citizenshipgo

Link to details on Huobi


US can’t use Huobi evoranger2018

Windsofchange92 responded

Yeah, glad I'm Canadian this time 


It won't let me become a Dominica member. I have level 3 verify, (only today) but the tab to click for DDC, doesn't show on my Huobi account

Windsofchange92 then responded

Update your app to the latest version

Someone name pascite asked Windsofchange92

Will you try and get physical copy of the certificate if/when it becomes available ?

Windsofchange92 -responded

No, I don't need it. If anything, I would prefer to have a physical passport but we will see if that is possible.

Another person name -Serious_Sky9620 ask

Did you even inspect about what taxes you will have to pay as a citizen etc?


Will this revoke your current nationality?


No, Dominica allows dual citizenship


What have you learned so far about this venture? What advantages? Free passport maybe? :)


Is there any way for an American to do this?


I don't think so. Its within Huobi, and you need to KYC. Huobi doesn't let Americans do it. I'm Canadian and I managed to do it though.

 Ok-Today-7626 avatar

Unfortunately I think you’re correct. Thanks for the response though

“Some people think that truth can be hidden with a little cover-up and decorations. But in the words of John  Q Adams“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”


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