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Trinidad Artist will not make it to Dominica after all” – That was a headline from Dominica News Online (DNO). The article was about this Trinidadian artist Prince Swanny who was contracted to perform in Dominica on Easter weekend and was denied entry into Dominica. It was stated in the article that Prince Swanny was at the time of arrival in Dominica, a wanted man in Trinidad & Tobago.

After reading the DNO article it was clear that the reporter took utmost care in not revealing any information about the promoters in Dominica and I could be wrong but it sure seems like yet another instance of journalism in fear of government officials or journalism kowtowing to the kleptocrats and imposters operating as government officials. 

Here it is plain and simple - The Prince Swanny Easter Bash was a Melissa Poponne Skerrit promotion. We spoke to sources in Trinidad who themselves are involved in the entertainment business and we were told that Melissa Poppone Skerit allegedly paid Prince Swanny US $50,000 for the Easter Saturday night event. We also understand that the price tag to attend the event was $300 per person. ( You are welcome DNO)

We could do the obvious and start asking questions such as – where does this kind of money come from yet so much poverty in Dominica? Didn’t Melissa know about Prince Swanny’s thuggery and criminal investigations, but we have become ostriches with our heads buried in the sand, and singing "I cyan see what I doh want to see, I cyan know what I doh wanna know "   

Ooops I forgot – thuggery and “gangsterism” is what Melissa promotes.

According to our sources in Trinidad, due to Prince Swannys legal problems he should not have been on a flight to Dominica but somehow, he and his traveling crew allegedly pulled of a well-planned last-minute ticket acquisition at the port of embarkation. The alleged last minute ticket purchase did not give the authorities enough time to notice that Prince Swanny was on the move.

By the time Prince Swanny arrived in Dominica there was already a call from law enforcement Barbados notifying the Immigration authorities in Dominica that Prince Swanny was a wanted man and should immediately be sent back to Trinidad and Tobago.

 Kudos to the immigration department at the Douglas – Charles Airport ,they complied with the repatriation request. Unlike the immigration department at the ferry terminal who knew that Alireza Monfared was on the run and yet laid down the red carpet for him, the immigration officials at Douglas Charles stood their ground and did not allow fugitive Prince Swanny to deplane even as he touted his US $50,000 contract with the PM’s wife Melissa Skerrit and also in spite of the many  calls from Melissa Skerrit herself demanding that Prince Swanny be granted entry into Dominica


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