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House Of Dark Secret Rising -Nobody Sees Nobody Knows
A kleptacracy by simple definition is a government led by thieves using political power to expropriate the wealth and resources of the people they govern.

Kleptocracy dictates that transgressional policies are better than good and accountable governance. They convince themselves that they are ordained by God to take care of the needs of the very same people whom they have governed into abject poverty and dependency.

Very early in his career the Kleptocrat in Chief, now Dominca’s most opulent poligarch Roosevelt Skerrit, did theorize that what the country needs is his kleptocracy and not necessarily good governance. (Poligarch is a term used for orligarch who themselves are politicians) . He espoused and acted upon the megalomaniac concept that “no law no constitution can prevent him from doing whatever he wants. “ He determined and publicly declared that it is foolish to pray to God for help when he Roosevelt Skerrit can do so.  

Believe it or not – some Bishops, priest, pastors, evangelist and congregations of faith they just rolled with it.

Studies have shown that a successful kleptocracy will provide the bare minimum to the nation’s economy, just enough to prevent popular uprisings and this is very much in keeping with the kleptocratic play book where 90% is kept for the Kleptocrats ,10% for the people. So, in Dominica, Billions of dollars of the CBI passport selling revenues cannot be accounted for, but it is expected that the people will be contented with their 10% invested in -the poorly constructed and under equipped health clinics, the unsanitary apartment buildings with no ownership titles for occupants, white elephant hotels, a National Employment Program, more appropriately defined as NEP-Never Ending Poverty and occasional cash handouts for votes during election campaigns.   

A kleptocracy will not only use the revenue generating enterprises to control the people, but they will also on every opportunity employ their repressive type of state security system to hold the people into submission. In Haiti for example Papa Doc instituted the Tonton Macoute. In Dominica today there is the Skerrit’s Maniku Gang led by corrupt police hierarchy like Lincoln Corbette , Davidson Valerie, Richmond Valentine, Antonia Moses et al. The Maniku Gang’s responsibility is to instill fear off and absolute servitude to the Kleptocracy.  

Kleptocracies need a local network of coconspirators to survive. You can bet that these coconspirators are always shameless but let’s still name a few of them in Dominica - the likes of Crab Man Renneth Bubbles Alexis, Eazyy Door, Doughnut Lawyer, Jacket Holder Astaphan, Sugar Daddy Ah lick, a priest turn Al Capone , businessmen like Skam Raf , Rainbow  Kenny  and the privilege  sons of  Duty Free . 

More recently, researchers have highlighted the significance of the transnational aspect and cross-border ties within Kleptocratic organizations.  Kleptocrats create externally operated non-state networks to control a country’s main enterprises, be it petroleum resources, diamonds, cobalt and in Dominica’s case , the Citizenship By Investment bounty. These non-state networks exist to help launder proceeds of crime and to create means and methods to help kleptocrats secure power and protect ill-gotten wealth.

In Dominica we have seen how a non–state network that was created around the CBI program is funneling billions of dollars in CBI revenues through foreign operatives in Dubai and elsewhere. The use of these nefarious non-state networks denies the constitutionally designated state accounting institutions the rights and access to all of Dominica’s CBI resources. Even more staggering is the fact that these foreign operated networks are simultaneously feigning ownership and funding the construction of luxurious real estate properties for the poligarch and the kleptocrat in chief.

Those insidious networks are also the source of funding for lavish election campaign spending and large-scale election bribery and robbery schemes.  

The Sargasso building construction which is a new phenomenon in Dominica is but one of those luxurious real estate properties that is allegedly tied to Dominica’s kleptocracy and the CBI non-state network system.  The source of funding and the beneficial owner(s) of this house of dark secret rising in the middle of the city is a hush-hush affair but information coming to us suggest that the funding and ownership of the building is connected to Dominica’s ill-reputed CBI program.

The alleged owner on paper is Prime Star Real Estate Corporation (PSRE). The name behind PSRE ,someone named Paul. We understand that Paul is a British Citizen of Indian descent, a CBI agent with extensive involvement in the CBI business globally. According to a March 2022 online publication Paul is part of, an organization allegedly involved in “ handling the transfer of millions of dollars on behalf of Dominica’s government “The article goes on to state that ” Paul and his organization help smuggle black money from India to Dominica, via United Arab Emirates and London.”  Other online publications also reported that “Paul and company have significant footprints in London, Dubai, Beijing, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Singapore, and St Kitts and Nevis” and it is also alleged that they “help Russian oligarchs secure Citizenship of Dominica and other Caribbean Island nations while key figures of the operation are also secretly holding millions of dollars for those Russian Oligarchs”.

MiTC has not been able to independently verify those claims and accusations.

MiTC is aware though that Anthony Haiden of MMC has on several occasions visited the Sargasso Building Construction site. It is no secret that Anthony Haiden and his MMC operation is one of those corrupt non-state entity designated by poligarch Skerrit to handle billions of dollars of our CBI revenues –away from the national treasury and public accounting mechanisms. We also know for a fact that the British -Indian guy, Paul, claim to have been working in Dominica in early 2021 during the covid lock-down and interestingly just about the same time the Sargasso Building construction began.

One may ask what's the relationship between the British -Indian man Paul and Anthony Haiden. What we have learned is that Paul does not only sell passports for St Kitts and Dominica, but Paul also according to sources is allegedly involved in promoting the CBI program for both St Kitts and Dominica and gets his cut on every passport sold under both CBI programs.

So for example, when Anthony Haiden sells 500 passports Paul sings hallelujah hallelujah -joy to the world.

The Event came while we were looking for the shadows.

Even before Skerrit became prime minister he had declared his kleptocratic ambitions. As a junior minister under former Prime Minister Pierre Charles, he secretly went to Barbados to cut a deal with some Chinese official -without Pierre Charles knowing. It is alleged that this was the moment his first offshore bank account was created. He became prime minister after the death of Pierre Charles and immediately thereafter  he went into klepto-high gear – there was a garbage bin and fertilizer bobol (fraud); sent an email to his architect Supryah Singh stating that he wants his first mansion to outclass that of the Nassiefs; He went on  property acquisition blitz and deliberately evading the state required acquisition taxes; he built 8 huge villas in Savane Paille Portsmouth  on cash ; there was the Lilac Building in Picard  scandal; he was  caught redhanded selling a multitude of diplomatic passports for millions of dollars;

None of these atrocities landed him in jail instead his handlers and supporters allowed him to broaden his kleptocratic ambitions. Even a pastor from the Portsmouth area living in Maryland USA on one occasion told Skerrit that the Villas and his unsubstantiated wealth is god’s blessing to him. He prayed and asked god to keep the kleptocracy   going. I hope he sees-clear now.

Make no mistake. Kleptocrats are not self-made. They are incubated in cesspools populated by parasitic lackeys, Shysters /scum sucking lawyers, overnight real estate developers and investment advisors. These enablers are willfully complicit – the Anthony Astaphans , Anthony Haidens, Paul, Skam Rafael , Alick Lawrence, Duncan Stowe et al – all are shoulder deep , feeding and activating  the scum and filth.

For more than three decades Tyron “Blessings” Anthony has been warning that the Kleptocracy was already upon us, stop looking for the shadow. Instead, the people continue to pave the way for the Kleptocrat. Now there is the house of dark secret rising in the middle of the city everyone sees and everyone knows yet everyone is afraid to say so. A far cry from when former Prime Minister Edison James was falsely accused of owning some properties in Barbados while in office - those who were concerned about corruption then are now shamefully quiet and some are loudly defending poligarch Skerrit - All I do is say Hi, Bye Hypocrites – Rupert Sorhaindo, Eustace Thomas, King Hunter, Ghost, Peter Augustine, again Jacket holder Tony Astaphan, Fredrika James, The Douglases, Barber shop owner Bloaters, Emile Deepoter, those Kairi Radio personalities that are having secret text conversations about poligarch Skerrit new Sargasso building.

The economic, societal and governance costs of Kleptocracy in Dominica are evident. Features of a ruined economy, political persecution of opposition members, weakened state institutions and evidence of a modern-day autocracy with a poligarch ,his cronies and international CBI crooks and criminals rigging elections and consolidating their grip on the people's governance.

Take Warning 

Enough is never enough for autocrats. They feel that they are accountable to no one, and unlimited wealth acquisition is just a coping mechanism for their insecurity syndrome.

There is this powerful creole clich√© that says “ Cochon Bwen wom, Mouton su et Kabwit  ka payais pous sa”

English translation-The pigs drank the rum, the Sheep got drunk, and the goats are paying the price

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