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Justin Sun - Tron

Backdoor Darroux & Then Coinapult CEO

Dominica Ambassador At Onecoin Fraud Scheme

Money Laundering is essentially a process whereby proceeds of crime are disguised and re-integrated into the legitimate financial system. Cryptocurrency by it’s nature is by far the most prolific means to money laundering operations. A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security. It is not issued by any central authority and is in theory immune to government interference.

Criminals wishing to launder money through cryptocurrency exchanges, simply do so by opening on line accounts with digital currency exchanges. These exchanges accept fiat currency (government issued currency) from regular bank accounts. From there the washing process begins – the money is moved around using layering and mixing. The mixing process includes moving money from one cryptocurrency into another and across various exchanges. Privacy coins are also used to provide even deeper levels of anonymity. These various mixing and layering method render money trails murky and the origins almost impossible to track but at the end of it all the funds get reintroduced into the legitimate financial system.

 Considering the ease and comfort that cryptocurrency provides for criminal money launderers it should be of no surprise to all that the PM of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit and frankly his ruthless Citizenship By Investments agents are so deeply entrenched in the cryptocurrency dark alleys.

 With the recent scandal regarding Skerrit’s involvement with cryptocurrency zhar and gang star Justin Sun (Chinese name Yuchen Sun) it is only important that we remind the citizens of Dominica that Skerrit has been dabbling with the cryptocurrency underworld as far back as 2014. In fact Justin Sun posted this comment about PM Skerrit. He said “The Caribbean. . . is a very crypto-friendly community . . . and I believe right now, Dominica is one of the frontrunners,” Sun said. “[Skerrit] is a very tech-savvy person. He understands how crypto and the technology works.”

No doubt Skerrit does- Nine years ago Skerrit had secretly arranged with a few cryptocurrency players namely Coinapult, Aspenn Assurance, Bitcoin Beauties and college Cryptocurrency Network to stage what was dubbed a “Bit Drop “event on the island. The Bit Drop event would have mark the introduction of the Bitcoin on the island and would have given every Dominican free Bitcoins plus cryptocurrency education and business opportunities. The event was promoted as the First ever nation to adopt Bitcoin and a huge party with celebrities was planned for the Bit Drop day. 

Needless to say, the event never took place. When asked why the event flopped, the Bitcoin promoters blame the Roosevelt Skerrit administration for not following through with their end of the deal and not doing the ground preparation. PM Skerrit then referred the inquiring public to the then minister for Foreign Affair Kenneth Darroux.  Kenneth Darroux promised to get back to the public with answers – jic jhordi Kenneth moo moo (We have not heard from Kenneth Darroux).

Keep in mind the same PM Skerrit in his sanctimonious attitude went on this tirade saying that Dominicans should try to get themselves educated about cryptocurrency affairs but kept his Bit Drop affair a secret, Justin Sun affair hidden and Dominica’s Onecoin ambassador Udo Deppische an enigma. 

 PM Skerrit should know that many  of us had already been educated on the cryptocurrency phenomenon. (We are not all Mamies , Sogoflies or Bottom Brain).  In fact, we knew then that the “Bit Drop’s signature plan to airdrop free crypto coins to the Dominican population would have been considered a marketing tactics for (security) investment opportunities and that could have landed some people in trouble with law enforcement in the US. With the Monfared issue about to bust open Skerrit took a backdoor route out of the Bit Drop venture and allowed Kenneth Darroux  to take the backdoor hit. Fact.

We also educated ourselves so far as to find out that PM Skerrit had been involved in the underbelly of cryptocurrency with an alleged reputable fraudster and promoter of the Onecoin Ponzi scheme. His name   Mr. Udo Cartsen Deppisch.

In our article November 2017, titled “Udo Know Another One Of Skerrit’s Dodgy Diplomat” we asked the PM and at the time Minister OF Foreign Affairs Francine Baron to respond to the following questions.

        Does Udo Deppisch still carry Dominica’s diplomatic?

        Where did your sudden infatuation with cryptocurrency come from?

        Was a diplomatic passport sold to Mr. Udo Cartsen Deppisch

As far as we know Udo Cartsen Deppisch who was assigned to UNESC only brought one thing to the table – His expertise in the promotion of cryptocurrency Onecoin and it’s Ponzi scheme.

 Does it occur to anyone that Justin Sun who claimed in a court declaration that he is also a citizen of Saint Kitts and Nevis, bought Citizenship of Malta, citizenship of the West African nation of Guinea-Bissau and a Citizen and ambassador of Grenada at the World Trade Organization, WTO has been talking about plans to move the Crypto exchange Huobi Global from Seychelles to Dominica. According to Justin Sun Dominica is the front runner over, Panama and the Bahamas. It begs the question why not Grenada for which he has diplomatic responsibilities at WTO or St Kittshis place of citizenship bondieur?  Huobi Global is one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms in Asia.

We now know and it is widely reported that the plan is to have Huobi users apply   for a Tron Network decentralized identification and in turn applicants would be able to use those ID’s to obtain Dominica passports under the CBI program. In simple terms the Dominica/Tron arrangement would be an avenue made easier for passport money laundering. In a tweet recently posted and then deleted,Justin Sun stated that he met with Russia’s representative to the WTO after their military invaded Ukraine and “We discussed humanitarian use case of how blockchain like Bitcoin/TRON can be implemented for Russian civilians who lack access to financial payment system.”  

Dominica and the other CBI programs in the region have issued a stop order on selling passports to Russians. By his tweet was Justin Sun offering the Russians and the CBI agents an opportunity to evade sanctions ? 

You wonder why the biggest online pushers of the Justin Sun move on Dominica are the foreign networks of CBI passport promoters and peddlers. It is always about raking in the passport money for these swindlers. Anyone who thinks that these passport hawks care about Dominica are fooling themselves.

In his only response to the Tron scandal , PM Skerrit attempted to make his association with Justin Sun seem incidental and innocuous but rest assured the PM callous lies will only come back to bite him in the touch- very much like NG Lap Seng, Monfared, Madeuke and the many other dodgy diplomats. Rest assured PM Skerrit that the United States SEC may not be Justin’s only worries.

Justin Sun left the United States right before the pandemic and has never returned but the dragnet is already closing in on his operation and when the list of potential charges are released we may be hearing about failure to register a security and concealment thereof, money laundering, conspiracy or intent to commit wire fraud, spending the spoils of a criminal enterprise, aiding and abetting a crime, and conspiracy to defraud the United States. The question is -Will Dominica be implicated in any of these charges.  


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