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An alleged second warning letter from the US authorities on Emannuel Nanthan’s money laundering activities may have resulted in the removal of Nanthan from the leadership position of Dominica’s corruption plagued Citizenship By Investment program(CBI). Sources within the inner circles of the DLP administration noted that after a first warning letter Nanthan allegedly continued with his trade mark money laundering activities.

The removal of Nanthan from the leadership position of the CBI program is really a move of  gwo va petit la pluie “(translated – big wind and little rain.) The rain is with Skerrit and MMCE the Paul that Sings the song of Sargasso House etc. Since his removal from the CBI program, Nanthan has been saying that he was not really in charge of the CBI program. To some extent Nanthan is correct because the money laundering plagued CBI program is way bigger than Emmanuel Nanthan's self serving activities. When we consider the Billions of dollars from CBI revenues that cannot be properly accounted for between the PM Skerrit and his preferred CBI agent Anthony Haiden of MMCE and the billions laundered through a web of nefarious hotel developers , Emmanuel Nanthan’s money laundering operation is just a keyhole view into the corruption the scandalous CBI program .

Emmanuel Nanthan had a boss in PM Skerrit and it was commonplace that as head of the CBI program, Emmanuel Nanthan had been very much associated with money laundering activities that were detrimental to the CBI program, yet his boss PM Skerrit kept him as the front man for the CBI program -even after clear evidence of Nanthan’s money laundering activities. We have shared evidence and receipts of money laundering activities between Nanthan and dodgy diplomat Alireza Monfared. We also know of a West Indies cricket official who last year was interrogated at an airport in Florida and the line of questioning was based on activities related to Emmanuel Nanthan. A few years ago, over a million dollars came into a personal account for Emmanuel Nanthan at the former Scotia Bank in Dominica and when flagged as a suspicious activity, Nanthan admitted that the money was proceeds from passport vending activity. It is also well known that his friend senior counsel Alick Lawrence allegedly intervened on Nanthan’s behalf.

As expected, Skerrit apologists are trying to explain Nanthan’s CBI money laundering activities as isolated or insulated from PM Skerrit’s overall control of the CBI program, but it is also well known that Nanthan and Skerrit are conveniently join at the hips. and are partners in crime- real crime .

Baby Sarah abusive daddy is back on our radar. 

The removal of Nanthan as head of the CBI program may have been forced by the US authorities but if PM Skerrit wants us to believe that Nanthan’s expulsion from the CBI program is an effort towards the cleanup of corruption, we would also like the PM Skerrit or rather we dare the PM to get rid of the unelected Minister of National Security Rayburn Blackmoore. Not for the physical abuse of Baby Sarah and her mom but for a racketeering scheme that Blackmoore is running with the visa program for Haitian nationals.

 It would serve the police well to first go arrest a gentleman by the name of Ronald from Vielle Case. We understand that Ronald is closely related to PM Skerrit, some people have indicated to us that he may be a half-brother to PM Skerrit. Ronald and Rayburn Blackmoore are in partnership on a program whereby visas are being sold to Haitian Nationals. What we have seen is that Blackmoore as Minister of National Security is personally responsible for approving those visa applications and separate from the government application fees that the Haitians Nationals must pay to the treasury there is a US $2000-3000 fee that is allegedly collected and shared between Ronald and Blackmoore.

Also from what we have seen the Blackmoore and Ronald Haitian visa racketeering is a well-organized scheme involving a few Haitians in Dominica working with agents in Haiti who are recruiting Haitians for Dominica visa. 

After having seen evidence of Blackmoore and Ronald’s Haitian Visa scheme we reached out to a source within the DLP administration who said to us “ this is no surprise nor real secret among people in the know–my brother just imagine the minister of national security is directly responsible for approving and signing visas my brother ? “ The source went on to state that Blackmoore having exclusive control of the Haitian so called Farm Development program was part of the agreement that would keep Blackmoore subdued after getting unceremoniously discarded by Skerrit’s 2022 reset agenda. Accoding to the source PMSkerrit is fully aware of the scheme involving his alleged brother and Rayburn Blackmoore.

 When we did the Baby Sarah expose the DLP administration decided that it was more important to investigate MiTC and the source(s) of the information rather than the actual crime committed by Rayburn Blackmoore, we are once again providing credible information to the Dominica Police Investigation Unit and just in case Blackmoore and Agouti gang decide to come after MiTC –Blackmoore in particular should know very well that MiTC is full of surprises.

 Like Trevor Tossy Johnson would say – we warning you Blackmoore.


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