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Since the airport construction project has been declared started, we have seen activities and procedures that are quite in aberration to standard capital project procurement and delivery practices. We won’t go into all of the professional malpractices, the no-bid contract, puppets in places they don’t belong and a developer who may want to tell us who exactly he is and why he has so many aliases and addresses.

We want to focus a bit on the disguised mobilization activities of the Chinese in the Wesley area.

A few weeks ago, Sam Rafael appeared on the Q95 Hot Seat program and said to the people of Dominica that the apparent Chinese settlement activities cloaked as the mobilization of manpower for the construction of the airport is normal for construction companies making accommodation for their employees. That is absolutely false –in fact I dare say that Sam Rafael is deceitful, a despicable liar and a man bent on deceiving the people of Dominica for his selfish good.

Sam Rafael may have been in St Croix developing his less-than –stellar  reputation but he and the many other DLP apologists know darn well that several major capital projects had been done in Dominica by international construction companies way before the advent of Mohammed Khatib A/K/A, Mohammed  Khattab A/K/A, Ahmad M Khattab A/K/A, Khattab M Almad A/K/A, Khattab M Ahmad A/K/A, Anthony Haiden and his MMCE , an apparent and alleged CBI money laundering syndicate. 

From the mid 80’s throughout the early 90’s there was a company named Sintra who did the Portsmouth to Harten Garden Road. A company named Nelotaire did the Layou Valley to Roseau thruway. There was another company Rush & Tompkins I believe did some other roadway project in the South of the island(I stand corrected). Misner Marine was the company who did the Bayfront expansion and the Cabrits Cruise Ship Berth and terminal. Dominicans(Laborites included) old enough to remember that when these international companies came they brought in prefabricated trailer for site offices, they rented buildings for offsite offices. The foreign workers were housed in hotels, private dwelling rented spaces. Those companies bought and leased vehicles from dealership  in

Much can be said about the way in which the then government administration negotiated with these foreign construction contractors to ensure maximum benefit for Dominica and the Dominican economy.  Hotels such as Coconut Beach Hotel (Peter Karam and daddy Joe Joe were happy ), Castaways Hotel , Anchorage, etc- they were all doing very well. People with apartments, supermarkets and restaurants in the Portsmouth area were also doing very well

What is happening at the Wesley Airport development site is a complete 180 degree turn from what a normal government administration would work out for it’s people. The Airport Development project is according to Skerrit funded by the people of Dominica yet the project delivery configuration seems to provide negligible benefit for Dominicans and the Dominican economy.

It is worth noting and even more upsetting that the aforementioned projects of the 80’s and 90s were typically grant funded yet the administration demanded maximum benefit for Dominicans.

Evidence of the construction of several permanent structures not related to the airport facility and the Chinese occupation of properties acquired by the government through eminent domain seem more like a Chinese settlement in the Wesley area and Dominicans should be very concerned.

There is no more time to tip toe around the issue – the sh**t is real. Our country has been sold. The midnight hour has passed on the moneys borrowed from China and the government is mute. So, we must ask PM Skerrit -What arrangement were made with the Chinese for loan repayment?

We have seen the government hand deliver significant portions of the One Mile agricultural zone to a Chinese entity and our government handing the general contractor CR7 which is owned by the government of China, US $70 million for mobilization when mobilization cost should have been paid by the developer- the enigmatic man with 7 alias names and 5 home addresses – Anthony Haiden.

Compare that.

 In 1978 an agreement was secretly signed by Minister Leo Austin and Deputy Leader of the then ruling party. That agreement was signed on the behalf of Dominica with a known racist Don Pierson. Revelations regarding the details of the agreement was enough to get the people of Dominica incensed. Even the people of Portsmouth retaliated then – those now sucking the blood of the suffering people of Dominica included- Charles Saverin, Lennox Lawrence, Alick Lawrence , Levi Peter and others.

News report of the news reports on the terms of the  agreement included 45 square miles in the north including the entire town of Portsmouth would be leased to Don Pierson for 99 years at a cost of $100.

The entire designated area would become an exclusive Free Port Zone and under the direct control of Don Pierson and all profits and proceeds from this zone would be exclusively controlled by Don Pierson.

 "Under the agreement the government would continue to be responsible for immigration duties within the Zone, but that would be 'subject to the veto power of the DCFPA.'

 Another provision of the agreement gave the government of Dominica 100,000 non-voting shares valued at $100,000. At the same time Don Pierson and his son would receive an equal number of voting right shares. In addition, all disputes arising from the agreement would bypass the local judiciary and be submitted to the international Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes.” (TDN)

 The retaliatory opposition to the government’s agreement with Don Pierson was followed by action. The opposition Freedom Party in collaboration with , the Farmers Union, civic and church groups and land owners in the area all came together and saw to it that this selling out of our country would not happen.

To those who refuse to open their eyes – our government has sold out our country to the Chinese. The only difference is that the Roosevelt Skerrit administration and the Chinese will never let us see the terms of agreement. Don Pierson did not have the time to mobilize his foreign workers, Like the people of Wesley the people of Portsmouth were not yet given the eminent domain ultimatum, One Mile had not yet been apportioned to Don Pierson’s mercenaries and the PJ administration had not borrowed any money from don Pierson at undisclosed terms and conditions.

I don’t expect Charles Saverin, Alick Lawrence, Lennox Lawrence et al to grow a conscience overnight – they are to heavily invested into the DLP crime organization but if not for anything else the rest of the people of Dominica with any bit of conscience and decency left need to let their voices be heard on May 31, 2023.

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