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What we see happening in Dominica today is that anyone wanting to be on the wrong side of the law and still get protection from law enforcement must become part of Skerrit’s Casa Nostra crime organization - in the words of the disgraceful Alix Boyde Knight “If you are not DLP red you are better off dead “ 

In  a drug related case involving 190,000 grams of cocaine ($5 Million street value), the magistrate overseeing the case was forced to dismiss the case for want of prosecution. After a public outcry we can report that government authorities asked magistrate Bernard Pacquette to provide a report and an apology for his decision. He refused too. Today Magistrate Pacquette has been benched from the bench- his contract was not renewed and is currently unemployed. We can also report that a Labor Party hack, Senior Police officer Bruno is positioned to take up the duties of magistrate where Pacquette presided.

It was reported in the Nature Island News that “during the trial, when the exhibits were submitted and admitted into evidence the signature of the presiding magistrate should have been on the documents, but it was discovered that it was not and as a result the defense argued that the exhibits are not used as evidence in the case”. What the public is unaware off is that during the arraignment the magistrate did sign off on the exhibits and on two occasions thereafter the magistrate has had to resign the document after the documents mysterious appeared on file without his signature. It appears that someone or some people were bent on sabotaging the case and on the day of the court hearing the documents again appeared without the require signature.

Magistrate Pacquette got snubbed not only because he dismissed the drug case but because he won't play ball with the Skerrit criminal administration. According to well-placed sources within the court system magistrate Pacquette had been asked to consult with government authorities before making decisions that could embarrass the sitting administration. For example, Magistrate Pacquette sentenced the rogue chairman of the Vielle Case village council and right-hand man of PM Skerrit to prison for violating a protection order. Since then, Pacquette had been centered on the chopping block.

Like in every other criminal organization to become a full member of Dominica's Casa Nostra , a state sponsored criminal organization absolute loyalty is required. Pacquette who is a US citizen had been labeled by opposition supporters as another acolyte of the DLP crime syndicate, when he was hired for the job. No surprise on the part of the opposition supporters since it is the MO of the DLP administration to have absolute control of critical public institutions. It turned out that Pacquette did not allow himself to become a full-time instrument of the Skerrit administration.  

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