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Cabrits Cruise Ship Berth 
Two cans of sardines and a box of Mac and cheese from Skerrit’s dog and pony show is déjà vu and pure distraction. The Dominican people need to remain focused on the government’s absolute failure to provide a sound economic policy response to the current economic crisis. As it stands the government is responsible for saving the financial sector institutions, protecting and creating sources of employment in an economy that had already been severely broken prior to the COVID 19 pandemic. Most importantly it can’t be business as usual- there must be transparency and right of the bat we are asking the government to give an account of the IMF funds.

Until then we promise to keep the plethora of empty promises and the failed projects and policies tied tight around their necks until we choke them out into the abyss of shame and disgrace

Yesterday we saw a cruise ship docked at the Cabrits Cruise ship Berth in Portsmouth and unfortunately or fortunately the ship was there to drop off furloughed Dominicans who were employed with the Cruise Industry and had been stranded due the travel restrictions. We are happy that some of our fellow Dominicans are finally home however we cannot ignore the fact that the returning cruise ship workers are at this moment without a job and will undoubtedly exacerbate the unemployment crisis in Dominica.

The promise that Kempinski Hotel would pick up the rubble left by the departure of Ross University was just malarkey thrown out for consumption by fools specifically those "Mouton Batalli"  laborites in Portsmouth. The few fragile jobs that the new Kempinski Hotel provided are now totally gone as the doors of the hotel are now shut. 

Three days ago the few  employees that were left after the first layoffs in January received job termination letters.The workers, allegedly were told that the hotel will remain closed until August of 2021 as operation and management is now focused on developing another project in Grenada.

We know for sure that the Kempinski Hotel developer Mohammed Asaria and Range Capital is now engaged in the Six Senses La Sagesse resort project in Grenada. With the allegation that Kempinski (Dominica) management and operation is now focused on their project in Grenada we are asking the Prime Minister of Dominica to clarify whether it was the same Mohammed Asaria and his Range Capital responsible for running the operations of the Kempinski Hotel? If so then PM Skerrit, what is the nature of the arrangement with the operations manager that they can just shut down the very expensive hotel ,one that was suppose to buffer the economic devastation caused by the departure of Ross University?

Garrulous Reggie
With unemployment spiraling out of control it is also reasonable to ask PM Skerrit -why didn’t you toss some of the IMF dollars towards the prized Kempinski hotel in order to keep the staff on payroll ? Magwe sa even Reginald "Garrulous" Austrie’s daughter was employed at Kempinski and was laid off.  

If Mohammed Asaria was responsible for the Kempinski hotel operation, PM Skerrit, were you expecting him to use his CBI profit of US $30 Million to keep an underperforming hotel on life support? In fact it is alleged that the hotel had been opened for the last five weeks because there was a very wealthy American family living at the resort and paying US $1100.00 per night as the family sheltered the  COVID 19 storm. 

Even the “Mouton Batalli” laborites in Portsmouth could figure out that the hotel had been intubated from inception.

With Kempinski starting off on ventilators how can we not ask about the Anichi Hotel project, another “Passport funded Hotel now under sluggish construction in the Portsmouth area? With no vaccines for the Kempinski Hotel at this point, our only guess is that Bernard Dixon Sylvester may be able to charter plane loads of imported voters as guests for the Anichi Hotel if and when it’s done.

While the "Mouton Batallie" Laborites in Portsmouth are waiting in vain for sustainable jobs at the Anichi Hotel may we remind them that with the free passports handed to Alick Lawrence and company for this Anichi Hotel  there was an agreement to construct and commission a community resource center in the Chance area of Portsmouth. To date there is no site or plans for that community resource center in Chance. We don’t expect the witless people of Portsmouth to hold these scoundrels accountable. Portsmouth Community Resources Center ??– Wespeyere !!!!!

Morocco Hotel Embarrassment
After 11 years of construction, B****Shit lies and Ian Douglas’ drunken splutter the Morocco Hotel was also supposed to open it’s doors before the December 2019 elections and bring some economic vibrancy in the Portsmouth area.  Who could miss the deliberate propaganda by mercenaries of deception – people like Renneth Bubbles Alexis who spent "consecrated" time on social media posting photos and having the gullible believing that the dilatory Morocco Hotel would be just in time to replace hundreds of the jobs lost in the Picard area. What is the next excuse Ian Douglas and Renneth Alexis – Are you guys waiting for the front door keys from a locksmith in Morocco?  

The site of the Cruise Ship dropping off the furloughed cruise ship workers from Dominica also reminds us of what should have been in Portsmouth after 20 years of Portsmouth people Labor Party. The Cabrits Cruise Ship Berth Facility was constructed by the Freedom Party administration in 1988- 1989 and after 17 years of Skerrit  Labor Party nothing was done to bring the Cabrits Cruise Ship Berth facility to economic vitality for the people of Portsmouth. Yet the sheep like people of Portsmouth continue to chant “Laba forever “ -What a flock of Sheep!!!"

We make no apologies for calling a spade a spade.

The next time around we will call them out on the deplorable coffee factory in Portsmouth. 

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